Privacy Policy

In a nutshell

We use various marketing devices & techniques, but always respect the website visitor, customer or potential customer. This means, for example, that we would never aggressively pester a potential customer on the phone. Nor do we cold-call 1,000’s of people from the phone book. We let our work speak for itself and prefer to adopt targeted marketing – Here we cover some of those aspects in plain English.

Google Analytics

We use website analytics, which set a cookie on your machine, this is an anonymous way for us to learn visitor stats. For example, “how long is someone on our website?” or “what is our most popular page?”

Google Adverts

We use Google advertising. So visitors that have come from an ad area on the google or google partner network, we may be aware that you’ve come from an advert. This is so we can spend our ad budget wisely.

You may also see Google remarketing adverts from us. These are adverts to people that have visited our website, shown on other websites.

You can disable these by adjusting your web browsers privacy settings.


We’ve been trying the “facebook pixel”, which means that visitors to our website may see adverts for us on facebook. This enables us to present relevant adverts to encourage engagement.

instant estimate & contact forms

We have several ways of you getting intouch with us. Should you submit your contact information, it’s likely that we will follow up to help you find the information or price that you want. This may lead to a further follow up request. However, we will never follow-up in a pestering manner. We respect your privacy.

Live chat

We have live chat on this website! (cool!). We sometimes may pop in and say hi to website visitors, to help answer their questions. Of course you can close the live chat or ignore this. You are not submitting any personal information by engaging in a chat. However if you do reveal your contact information, its likely that we’ll follow up with contact regarding the information you’ve requested.

What we do with contact info thereafter

We may keep emails historically for several years as part of our digital best practice.  However, we don’t actively email you in an persistent manner.

Do we sell your data to 3rd parties?

Absolutely not. We respect your privacy.

Any questions?

Sure, drop us a line at